Games make absence presence; what is absent is made present. Thus, games are about illusion. They are also about temporal illusion in that the games narrative unfolds in the present even though the entire game text is pre-fabricated (the past is made present). Games construct a “reality” out of selected images and sounds.

(above: the entry for absence/presence from Susan Hayward’s Cinema Studies: The Key Concepts, with the word “cinema” replaced with “games.”)

hello hello welcome welcome

The domain for this blog has been secured for a while and it’s long past time to start posting. I’ve just finished doing the basic design for the first chunk of the game and designing the next phase before the first one is write’d, art’d, and code’d would make the game cart-before-horse’d. Francesco is busy with the engine and Loren has some outlines for the first background, so my job at this stage is mostly to write. So that’s what I’m going to do.

who are you?

I’m speaking on behalf of a few people but mayhaps introductions are in order.

I’m Ian. I’m designing One-Eyed Monsters.

Contributing artists (so far):

Francesco(!) is designing our engine. It’s being built bottom-up in Python. (He has recently started a coding blog)
Loren(!) agreed to do backgrounds. He’s a wicked little game designer (his game Star Guard is up for Excellence In Design at IGF) and an exemplar sounding board.
Ryan(!) did me some concept art. He is to a tablet what poets are to paper. (check out his DeviantArt)

what are one-eyed monsters?

One-Eyed Monsters is a to-be-released 2D adventure game in the style of… well, not in the style of anything really. It is not revolutionary, but we are approaching the adventure game model with a sense of curiosity and exploration. I was raised on the first wave of graphic adventure games, when a lot of odd ideas were tried out. Before adventure games went kaput in the late 90’s, much of adventure game design was holy writ, based on a few core principles, which are still central to the remnants of the genre. Some are solid. Some are very, very bad. None of them are new.

So this is different. I wouldn’t say it could change the world. But the people who did change the world: did they say so beforehand? I mean, think about it.

what else?

I’ll be updating on Fridays from here on out (possibly more often). More details forthcoming. At all times we are looking for more collaborators. Interested? Here, let me recruit you:

(warning: this game contains graphic adventure)

See you next week.


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