Teambuilding, Etc.

Before we begin, I’d like to say that bad music makes me want to kill people.

That is all.

unity (again)

Scripting may be many things, but it is not accessible. Unity’s scripting features are amazing, in that you can write a script in any of three languages and then just drag and drop it onto your object. And any variables you’ve defined can be adjusted in the GUI without having to open up the script editor. I’ve made a cube that spins and I can adjust its speed on each axis while the program is running. It’s lovely.

But for anything more complex, the tutorial leaves me cold. There’s a brief (and incomplete) list of syntactical terms at the start that basically say “uncapitalized is a variable, capitalized is a class or a function.”

That’s it. Nothing about the actual syntax (what do all these periods mean???). Nothing about the parent-child relationship between classes and functions. Halfway through it refers to a bit of script as a component, and it’s not at all clear that I’ve been referencing components all this time; they weren’t in the list of terms at the beginning. There’s no intermediate tutorial to get you to the next step either, you go straight from one 10 page beginner’s guide to the giant glossary of scripting terms.

So I, li’l bitch that I am, wrote them and said “hey, here’s what your tutorial needs.” If it hadn’t been 2am I wouldn’t have written it, but function Update (): {

if wheel == “squeaky”
then grease++



They sent me a link to this free course of videos that are an introduction to coding concepts. I still can’t see why they can’t implement just a few of these things into their tutorial, but it’s still incredibly user-friendly of them to write back (and not a form letter either, written by real humans) with a link.

And what a link. Here:

I’m partway through the 2nd one. And I mostly get what a method is now.

teambuilding exercises ’99!

One thing helping me to understand things is that I had a pretty sweet Skype session today with a fella named Fareed, who is quite possibly the new coder for One-Eyed Monsters. A ways through the conversation, I noticed Loren was on GChat and we ported the conversation over there. Seeing the two ping ideas back and forth was pretty invigorating. We’ve got a couple new ideas about backgrounds, and a couple would be somewhat difficult to do in Unity but easier in Flash, so the prospect of switching to Flash is on a backburner. I’m sticking with Unity for now because it’s a lot faster for a new developer like me, and definitely a good way for me to learn scripting syntax. Flash’s ActionScript and Unity’s variant of JavaScript are not the same but are syntactically similar, so it may be a good jumping-off point if we decide to make a switch down the line.

But prototyping is about to begin.

Keep your eye on this space!


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