the declaration

So as far as I can tell it’s official: Fareed Dudhia is now the primary coder for One-Eyed Monsters. We’ve had one long chat session and one long Skype session, and we’ve been trading emails pretty regularly for a week+ now. He’s already built a few little Flash experiments in lighting and pathfinding. I’d say that cinches it.

I’m learning from past mistakes how to make good contact and maintain it, even from 5 timezones away.

And I’ll say that so far that Fareed is fast, functional, good at framing complex ideas into terms I understand, thoughtful, excitable, and insightful. Working with him so far has been a joy. We’ll see how much we hate each other in 6 months.

resultant of our conversations, however

OEM is quite likely not going to be Python nor Unity. Unity is a wonderful platform that empowers me, a novice coder, quite a lot, but the majority of its functionality is wasted on our 2D lo-res game, and there are a quite simple things that would take a lot of extra work to pull off in Unity that would be very simple in, say, Flash. We’re exploring the FlashPunk library right now and our quick tests have all been Flash. It’s a little less user-friendly for me, but ActionScript and UnityScript are somewhat similar syntactically, and at least for these early phases I still expect to still use Unity for prototyping.

for science!

Excitement on all fronts! A trip to the Montshire Science Museum in Vermont this week gave me several new ideas for pieces of the game; word of advice to all people designing adventure games: science museums are a goldmine. In general, it would be better if you’d look at how fascinating the world around you is rather than looking at the design choices of the last generation of developers. I work for a children’s museum in Providence, which means I’m going to soon cash in on that free admission to the Boston Science Museum as well (god bless the New England Museum Association).


3 Responses to “Wahoooo!”

  1. 1 androidscholar1 04/14/2010 at 1:02 pm

    Flash is a great platform, and makes it more accessible for people who don’t feel like taking the time to download a game and would rather play it in their browser.

    Still, you could do a demo for playing in the browser to get people interested, and then do a downloadable full version – saves on high loading times if the game’s going to be big.

    • 2 mrskimps 04/14/2010 at 5:48 pm

      Being a victim of slow internet connections and outdated computers, I definitely prefer a downloadable version. But I have definitely considered putting episode 1 online, since it’ll be free anyway. I recently played Captain Forever for the first time, and that’s a truly great game that benefits from being browser-based.

      • 3 fd 04/14/2010 at 11:01 pm

        Great thing about flash is that you can effectively package it up and have it execute as a downloadable standalone, which means it can be fullscreened, etc.

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