Quiz = Quizzical, Test = ?


Quickie tests Fareed has put together:

pathfinding (second build)

entering a room

Check it out!


Part of my job as designer on this thing is to go out and find sources of inspiration. I find the best sources are shitty action movies. Since One-Eyed Monsters has a lot of exciting sequences, it’s good to see other people who maybe have good ideas do them all wrong, and ask myself “how would I do that right?” There’s not a lot of editing I can do with a good scene, there’s not much new to add, though sometimes good scenes can give me a charge to apply to my own stuff.

I got to thinking about this a while after watching (ugh) The Book Of Eli. It’s bad, not really worth seeing, but since OEM is somewhat post-apocalyptic, I called it research. Hoping someday I can get a tax write-off on that.

planned obsolescence

Let’s not talk directly about The Book Of Eli and instead take a much better movie that you probably saw: WALL-E. In this movie, which takes place some 400 years in the future, WALL-E has found an iPod that he uses to watch Hello, Dolly.

My iPod I bought used. It has video capabilities, and if Wikipedia is to be believed that means it can’t be older than a 5th generation, which came out in 2006. It’s got a long streak of dead pixels across the front. My last MP3 Player was a Dell DJ I bought used, a nice hunk of grey metal with green and black pixels in the menu. When it had it’s first problem (didn’t hook up to the computer properly anymore), I couldn’t get it fixed because Dell didn’t support it anymore. I’ve been in Providence just under 2 years and I’m on my 4th DVD player.

10 years from now none of our current technology is going to work. You can’t even replace the battery on an iPod yourself, you have to be an Apple technician.

Mostly this is planned obsolescence, making sure you have to either pay the company for repairs on their product or buy the same product again. But if any kind of disaster strikes, we won’t be listening to iPods in 10 years. Very few of us will have functioning computers. I remember my friends N64 didn’t really work properly after 5 or so years of regular use. XBox, fuggedaboudit.

There’s not a lot of today’s tech that would survive if all the service technicians stopped fixing them, and if the stores weren’t stocking brand new replacements. It’s something I realized about my game world recently; whatever technology the characters in OEM use at any point, it’s already dying.

I don’t want to spill how this will come into play (I don’t entirely know myself), but it’s something that glommed onto my brain recently. Similarly, whales. Seriously, listen to Radiolab.


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