Saying goodbye to people isn’t so sad when you just celebrate the time you lived near each other. Not relevant, but nevertheless, true.


I got Fareed some background mockups this week in a series of layers; One-Eyed Monsters, being shown from a completely sideview perspective, uses a lot of cross-sectioned buildings so you can see many rooms at once. This means that exteriors need to become transparent, and areas need to dim when they are out of the playing field. Fareed asked for some backgrounds with multiple rooms and layers, so I’ve sent him a rough mockup of the first scene’s background, which looked like this:


So that’s the composite BG, but then I sliced it into several layers:

bottom layer – interior:

cover #1 (exterior):

cover #2 (exterior):

three layers of black:

What these enable us to do is make any exterior wall transparent, and dim any exterior as well. So the black layers are at 0% opacity as you enter the scene, and the two “covers” are at 100% opacity. If one character enters the grocery store (I realize it doesn’t look like a grocery store at the moment, but it’s the building on the left), the exterior will go to about 10% opacity and the interior is now visible with just a hint of the exterior so you can see the exit. Meanwhile, the opacity of the black layer with a gap over the grocery store has gone up to maybe 50% opacity, dimming the outside. Should both the buildings have people in them, we use the black layer with two gaps in it, and so forth.

Fareed has built a pretty nifty system in which each scene can have rooms and rooms-within-rooms, and all that we need is a base layer with all rooms exposed and then a series of covers and many versions of the black layer with each room both covered and uncovered. This first scene is pretty simple, but later scenes will get increasingly sophisticated. It’s going to be a lot of work for the background artist, though I’m pretty sure that most of the work is going to be me using scissors on the background artist’s work.


I’ve been watching playthroughs of games I don’t own and a lot of mediocre action movies lately, as well as rereading The Beach. I’ve got a SimpleText document of puzzle ideas gleaned, largely from what I think the films and games did wrong, and it’s getting rather large. A lot of grey areas in the middle stretches of the game are getting filled in.

In other news, the Boston Museum Of Sciences is actually kind of disappointing.


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