500 Pages About Adventure Games

The Book Of Graphic Adventures.

Gnome has put together a compendium of graphic adventure games, covering all of LucasArts and Sierra and a large section of notable other games. It’s mostly culled from Wikipedia with some additions/cleanup from Gnome, and he managed to get interviews with a lot of classic-era developers on how these games were made. It’s a free download, so check it out.

You can also purchase a physical copy of the book on Amazon or Lulu… for $29. It strikes me as unlikely that anyone will pay $29 for something they can download (legally) for free. Apparently Lulu is print-on-demand and so costs more than usual, but still, I don’t think Gnome is going to make much on that. Pity, too, as I’d rather have a physical copy I can take with me to the park and read on a sunny day like today.

A choice quote, from David Fox, the lead designer on Zak McKracken And The Alien Mindbenders, talking about “cotton candy” gaming:

After seeing a film, my wife and I will give it a rating on a 1-10 scale, knowing that the number we assign after walking out might change when we reconsider a few days later. Most of the time, the number drops afterwards… the empty calories, no sense of satisfaction, realizing how the film may have manipulated our emotions, the huge plot holes. But sometimes the rating number goes up… that’s when we have started thinking about layers of meaning the film had, or how the film has relevance to our lives, or there are a few scenes we can’t get out of our heads (in a good way).

We won’t forget those films. Same should be true for the best games.

And as long as we’re getting nostalgic:


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