Game Maker Update 01

Here’s what we’ve got so far:

I have this here greyscale version of Marshall; it was just easier, in the moment, to redraw him instead of importing all the images already made. He controls, as of now, with the keyboard; the game is still intended to be point & click, but that’s more complicated, involving paths and whatnot, and I’m entertaining the notion of using a mouse-and-keyboard combo, as it gives a more tactile feeling and is probably much easier to code in Game Maker. Marshall, at present, will animate when walking left or right, and will walk as long as you hold the left or right key, and will stop and face in the same direction when you stop.

Yes, I am still alive. Immediately after starting in Game Maker I had to grind game dev to a halt as my job at the Boys & Girls Club started up again and I crunched to finish some freelance animation. The latter is done and the former is at least under control now, so Game Maker education begins anew.

Developing for Game Maker on a Mac is frustrating. You can’t report bugs for the Mac version, and I’ve run into a few. None are engine-breakers yet, but take some obtuse workarounds. What code I’ve learned is still hard to keep in mind, so I stick to learning some pretty basic GML and hacking it into the graphical stuff. But the graphical stuff is a good way to understand the structure of coding without having to learn the difficult part, makes it easier to understand the actual code later on.

Going to bed now. G’night.


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