8-Bit Funding


8-Bit Funding went live today, and One-Eyed Monsters is on it! Go here!

A few questions people might ask:

Q. Why Are You Only Asking For $1000?

There’s the basic fact that 8-Bit Funding hasn’t been proven as a model yet, and if I ask for $5000 and get $4000, I walk away with nothing. Seemed more sensible to ask for only as much as would keep me working right now. I know what my job situation is until May, at which point who knows what I’ll be doing? The bare minimum I need is to get to the end of May, and $1000 would do that. There is nothing stopping people from over-funding me if they choose to.

Q. Where In Development Is OEM?

OEM is farther along than it ever was with either Francesco or Fareed! That’s not to disparage of their wonderful efforts. Both were building engines, and now that I’m working in Game Maker, I have a fully-functioning engine out-of-the-box. The core movement mechanics are working, as are the basic object interactions and basic collisions. Next up, I start implementing puzzles.

Q. Why Did Fareed And Francesco Quit The Project?

In short, to work jobs that take a lot of time and pay money that I couldn’t give them. But the long answer is this: both were attempting to build an engine that would do some very specific things I had in mind. The reality is, I had no idea if those things would even work in-game, or if they were terribly necessary. I’d always wanted to get the game going so badly. It didn’t seem time-economical to have to learn a scripting or coding language if I wanted to get the game made right away, so I looked for coders who already knew a language. It became clear during the process that it’s better to adapt your ideas to an engine, not the other way around. Game Maker is not well-designed for making a point & click engine, and I quickly realized that the game didn’t need to be completely point & click, and it got me thinking about a lot of old puzzles in a new light to start using the keyboard as well. Limitations force you to be creative, so don’t try to make an engine without limits.

Q. Can We See These Posters And Hats You’ve Promised?

Ah yes, the perks. Ryan made this graphic, and has OK’d be using as a poster:

The special-made One-Eyed Monster hat has not been made yet, but will be hand-crocheted by Julie Marie Gotsch. You can see what she makes here. She has made a crocheted monster hat once already, I’ll post a photo when I can find one.

Q. Can We See A Screencap?

Oh fine.


3 Responses to “8-Bit Funding”

  1. 1 Steven 01/27/2011 at 9:55 am

    I just wanted to say I love the idea of your game, and as a fellow programmer I’d love to help you out. (I’m also a skilled Web Designer)

    You can contact me at my email address (You should be able to see it)

  2. 2 Lasse Rützou Bruntse 01/30/2011 at 6:14 am

    Hey! I also wanted to say, that you game sounds cool! If it weren’t for school, I would love to help you with some graphics, If you’d like it. :)

  1. 1 8-Bit Funding Post-Mortem « One-Eyed Monsters Trackback on 03/10/2011 at 2:31 pm

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