full of shit/everything else

Working temp job of late. The Infinite Ammo Podcast keeps me sane.

(Re-)Listening to this episode got me thinking about the problem with the TIGSource forums. Namely, that any forum beyond a certain size gets overrun with dicks, but everyone cries “free speech” when moderators try to reign things in. I won’t get into my rant on that logic because it would mean quoting Jean Jacques Rousseau, and nobody wants that. But suffice it to say: the solution is a Full Of Shit thread.

Inspired by this here episode of The Show With Ze Frank, wherein Ze divided his forum into two subforums –  Ze Is Full Of Shit and Everything Else. If you have people flaming each other and getting uppity about freedom of speech, just give them a completely unmoderated subforum where they can be as prickish as they want, and then whenever someone gets testy outside the Full Of Shit forum, you delete the comment and tell them they can either rephrase it kindly or post in the Full Of Shit forum.

Simple solutions in a complex world.


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