#4 addendum

bake time (oven times may vary)

It takes less than a minute in Minecraft to generate a world 8 times the size of the earth. So yeah, unless Mojang spends several generations making the game, it took less time to make than it takes to experience. Is this possible in any other medium?


2 Responses to “#4 addendum”

  1. 1 saluk 06/13/2011 at 3:08 am

    Minecraft, not games, is the exception to the rule, I think. It is definitely a lot easier with games to be able to take less time to create than it takes to experience, but that only works for a limited survey of games (most of which involve some amount of algorithmic or variation in their play). Most games are in fact much shorter than the amount of man hours that went into them. But I can’t think of any other medium where it is even possible. The thing is, with games, you make the “viewer” a participant in the creation. When someone pulls off a new maneuver in an online fps, or spends hours drawing a giant sprite of their favorite game in minecraft, they have used your game as a platform for the creation of a new work. Do these hours of extra creation count as experiential hours or authorship hours when talking about “bake” time? Is a game ever really finished?

    I suppose a painting/art might fit. You could technically stare at a painting longer than it took to create, but that would be kind of weird. You obviously aren’t counting repeat plays either, I’m sure there are plenty of songs that I have listened to enough times for it to count. Most media is time sensitive, and since creation is slower than experience at some atomic level, any media that is not time sensitive will have an edge.

  2. 2 mrskimps 06/13/2011 at 7:02 am

    Most definitely, a game taking longer to play than to make is an edge-case. But yes, I think games would be the only way it’s possible.

    It is a good point that repeat-listens can lengthen the experience. If one wanted to get really philosophical, how long a work is remembered adds to its length. It’s interesting to think about the target experience – is a painting intended for a single viewing in a gallery, or is it intended to be sold and hung on a living room wall, viewed every day for a lifetime? Is a book meant to be read once, or yearly?

    Most people create with the first experience in mind, I think, but I’d bet repetition must always be in the back of their minds. Hm.

    Just thinkin’ out loud.

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