Climb Aboard!

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Hey-o, folks. One-Eyed Monsters is, once again, looking for assistance. No, Josh ain’t gone, perish the thought! Josh’s skills are a boon to my existence every time we Skype it up.

What OEM needs, though, is someone with some proficiency in GML, the Game Maker scripting language, who lives in New England. Since taking on this project I have learned a massive amount about coding – one year ago all I knew little more than how to make a Hello World program in Python (hint: it’s print “hello world”). Most all the code that has been written so far has been done by me, and I daresay some of it is actually rather elegant. Josh’s fundamental understanding of coding logic, still a language I am only conversational in, has been invaluable.

But the nuances of GML are sometimes baffling to me, and I can lose days or even weeks to it. Start objective, run into bug, try a different way, run into bug, try a 3rd way, run into bug, email friends that know GML, wait a day, get response, try again, run into bug, write GML friends while trying to phrase problem more clearly, wait a day, stab out eyes…

If you know GML and you’re in Rhode Island or in the Boston area, I want you to sit next to me and help work me through the logic. We’re getting precipitously close to having our vertical slice. Help us with that push.

Much obliged.


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