changelog v0.2.2

general status:

Haven’t much to blog about, but as long as I’m working on the game, I might as well start posting a changelog. Went back to basics recently – going through a 350-page Game Maker book. My knowledge had been piecemeal til then, and trying to make the game was a major slog. I think my skills are to the point where I can fathom coding this thing (mostly) myself, with some guidance from my coder friends.

Learned a few new design practices, putting together a proper, versatile, and largely modular prototype. It’s still slow going while I’m learning as I do, but since I spend several hours at the library 4-to-6 days a week working on this thing, I can at least update you on the progress as it happens.


things worked on today:

  • parenting cleanup: recently changed around the parenting on all playable characters (each has their own class instead of all having the same parent). needed to track down where all the Call Inherited Event actions needed to be put in.
  • doors that change depth: tested.
  • layer array: set up an array to divide objects and characters onto different layers, so characters inside a room are drawn behind those outside and in front of the building. leaves wiggle room for an active character to be drawn in front of an inactive character on the same layer.
  • camera object: switched from having the camera follow whichever character is active to following an invisible camera object – the camera object hovers over whichever character is active (using my nifty global active character system I coded earlier this week). why? because the camera object slows to a stop just a little bit when it approaches the player character. smooooooth.
  • cleaning up globals: have a controller object now, so all global variables should be declared there. hunted out the objects still declaring redundant globals and deleted them.
  • starter room: ran into a bug when the game started drawing the oGame controller object after the character object (globals called before they were declared). generally easier to just make a starter room that instanciates the controller object and then automatically goes to the next room, and to set the controller to Persistent.

That’s it for today.


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