changelog v0.2.3

things worked on today:

  • sprite imports: exported all character sprites from old prototype, got them working in the new system. it’s nice to see my actual characters running about again, not just black boxes with faces on them.
  • inventory array: built the preliminary system for managing inventory. haven’t built any objects to test it with just yet, and haven’t determined how it will be presented onscreen. this is probably the third time I’ve written inventory code for OEM, and it’s really staggering how much simpler it is this time around. I’ve learned a considerable amount. next up will be testing its functionality with test objects.
  • get() script: part & parcel with above – a script for collecting objects. have to construct a parent object for collectible items before testing the script.
  • animation arrays: having rigged the basic object with character sprites, it’s time to start setting up the other character objects with animation arrays. started with the prototype climbing object. now have a system for cycling between sprites depending on when you’re moving up, moving down, holding still, and leaping away from the climbable surface. animations will have to be drawn for each character to rig them up similarly, but it’s working buglessly.

May also have figured out a new system for presenting the game’s layers to the player, but that’s all design-on-paper at the moment. I think it’ll make things both clearer and more visually appealing, so I’m rather excited.

Now, to lunch.


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