changelog v0.2.3 (#2)

things worked on today:

  • more states: states for everyone! expanded the number of character states to include jump straight up while facing left and right, and the corresponding dropping down, as well as a running-jump right or left. need to draw new animations for each state soon.
  • refined character switching: now, as you cycle through characters, the game will check if a character is actually in the scene; if not, it will cycle past them.
  • squashed climbing bug: since assigning the sprites to the characters, sometimes swapping one object for another causes collision errors. spent a chunk of time getting Julie to properly swap from walking-around Julie to climbing Julie*. self-taught myself a fair bit about debugging in the process.

*realizing only now that Marshall’s the only one who climbs on stuff, so I should stop using Julie as my tester for climbing mechanics…

I need a veggie burger.


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