changelog v.0.2.3 (addendum)

Thing worked on today yesterday:

  • climb animation: spent four frickin’ hours trying to make an animation of Marsh climbing. pixel animation skills very rusty. awful-feeling, self-loathing, why-does-everything-have-to-be-hard times. then went back for a fifth and half of a sixth hour. ended up with a leg that looks pretty good. it’s always really goddamn hard before it ever gets easier.

A not on that: it seems to me that most people who any good at making games have been making them since they were young. It’s very difficult to learn as an adult. It’s true of any creative practice – learning is hard, and most people who are good at anything honed their skills young, before they had expectations. I used to do community theatre. I was quite proud of my acting abilities by the time of my last show, when I was 23. At that point I’d been doing it since I was 8. It took me 7 years til I’d say I was ok, and 5 more til I was what I’d now consider any good. I only stuck with it that long because it was familiar. I wasn’t trying to “make it” as an actor; acting class was just what I did on Fridays. I felt more comfortable there, or working the light booth or stage crew, or acting on a mainstage show, than I ever did in school.

I’d have gone insane if I were taking it seriously and had to suck for 5 years.

Always remember this quote:


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  1. 1 MoP 01/11/2012 at 10:06 pm

    So, how’s it hanging?

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