Week 00

In the past couple months:

  • transferred basic movement code to new computer, cleaning it up and better commenting it
  • got basic dialogue system working

Yes, it’s been almost 2 years. I’ve gone in and out of trying to have someone else program this thing, and I’m back on doing it myself, with a couple code-savvy people and several internet communities on-hand for when I need to ask for help, which I’m forcing myself to do this time. Somewhere along the way I became a smarter programmer, which is not the same thing as a better programmer but is certainly useful. I’ve mapped it out: there are 13 systems necessary to have a functioning vertical slice. I am using a co-working space in Boston 2-3 days a week, with a much faster PC that (crucially) does not connect to the internet, and the amount of stuff I accomplish there as opposed to working from home or the library is mental. I have a lot else on my plate, but I’m committing to one system per week. Which means I should have a vertical slice done (or near-done) in just over 3 months. Oh, and I’m back in school, and folding this into an independent study for credit, which will certainly guarantee that work get done on it.

As for that dialogue system: trying to get that goddamn thing working two years ago is what made me finally give up on programming OEM myself. Josh finally offered to be the main tank on programming, but it meant starting over from scratch with a new engine, since he was far more adept at Flash than Game Maker. It’s largely my failing as a program manager that we never quite figured out a workflow. But somewhere along the way I got itchy to try my hand at programming again, and one of my first days at the new “office,” I got an idea for how to attempt the dialogue system and managed to get it functional in a couple of afternoons. Moreover, it was fun. So I’m back on this thing.

I’m going to update work as it gets done, so if I get ahead or behind, you’ll know about it. Cheers.


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