Week 06

This week:

  • prototyped climbable surfaces
  • prototyped ledge-climbing
  • prototyped transitioning from climbing to a ledge-climb
  • prototyped transitioning from a ledge-climb to standing
  • prototyped transitioning from standing to climbing

It was only a matter of time.

To get back in the swing of programming, I front-loaded the easier assignments. But I’m out of easy ones now. Where most of my coding so far has surprised me by taking an hour or less, I spent the better part of a day getting the climbing mechanics working. It’s not so much that any of it’s impossibly hard, merely that the work is pretty mentally taxing and I get tired out by it quickly. Still, I’m generally getting it all working properly, and my first idea still proved to work. I actually feel pretty clever with this one. I’d explain how, but it would involve a lot more words than would be interesting.

As it stands, most of it is working in prototype form. My little red box can reliably switch from walking state to climbing state to ledge-climbing and back to walking on the elevated surface. Which is one of the more complex things I’ve had to code so far. (Reading the Game Maker forums, it’s clear that there’s no simple, agreed-upon system for ledge-grabbing, so I’m rather proud that mine is actually kinda simple, and intuitive, and only a little stupid.) I’m having a few bugs with transitioning from standing on an elevated surface down into a climbing state, but that’s more to do with having the right idea but being too fried to do little tweaks. Fixing that up, and incorporating it all into the main prototype, will have to happen on Monday.

I’ve actually got a (mostly) free weekend ahead, so I might just do some animation for the game if there’s time between the other things I said I’d do with a free weekend.


  • Basic Movement
  • Character Switching
  • Pushing/Pulling
  • Dialogue
  • Sentence Line
  • Camera
  • Climbing
  • Entering/Exiting Rooms
  • Collecting Inventory
  • Using Inventory
  • Carrying
  • Crawling
  • Throwing

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