Week 07

This week:

  • fixed dropping-to-ledge-grab code
  • prototyped grabbing ledges from mid-air
  • prototyped inventory collection
  • ported inventory collection into main prototype (kiiiiinda)
  • slept an ungodly amount

Turns out the way I spent that “free weekend” was burnt out from a solid month of overwork and too little sleep. I don’t want to be too explicit, but suffice it to say, naps were had.

This week, I benefited from an extra office day by switching a shift at one of my dayjobs with a coworker. So the ledge-grabbing prototype was completed, and I also mocked up the inventory collection. Inventory collection turned out to be considerably easier than ledge-grabbing was, and took less time and fewer brain cells. Only snag was dealing with the Game Maker’s nuances (object_id, instance_id, and id are all different things, and two of them are not what you’d think they are). That took only a quick jaunt through the help document to suss out.

Incorporating climbing and ledge-grabbing into the main game is going to be rather an undertaking, mainly just because it’s tedious and requires rather a lot of new sprite work, so it’s still on a back burner for now. The code for inventory collection has been copied into the main game, but not, y’know, tested. Got sick last week and am also just kind of exhausted, so these tweaks can just sit down and cool their heels for a weekend, please and thank you!

By the way, folks: we’ve passed the halfway point.


  • Basic Movement
  • Character Switching
  • Pushing/Pulling
  • Dialogue
  • Sentence Line
  • Camera
  • Climbing
  • Collecting Inventory
  • Entering/Exiting Rooms
  • Using Inventory
  • Carrying
  • Crawling
  • Throwing

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